Cataleen's FAQ

Questions I'm Frequently Asked


what do you do, cataleen?


I offer a variety of services dependent on the clients I see, as everyone is into different things. I would say that I am a full GFE escort, masseuse, sensual mistress and phone sex provider. Please see the CATALEEN page for a more complete description of my services. Ultimately, though, I am here to fulfil your fantasies and give you the experience that you are looking for.



what don't you do, cataleen?


I will never consider anything painful, filthy or unsafe. I am fastidious about being safe and get a full sexual health check-up at least every 3 months. Please bear in mind that even though I stay as safe as I possibly can, ultimately, I cannot be held responsible for other people's sexual health: you are responsible for arranging your own check-ups. Please see my POLICY page for the date of my latest sexual health check all-clear.



what do you charge, cataleen?


My fee depends on the length of time that you'd like to spend with me. It varies from £80 for 30 minutes to £500 for 5 hours. Please see my FEES page for a full breakdown. I recommend a 30-minute or a 1 hour-appointment for your first time with a transgirl. Please note that I don't haggle over my prices, and I don't offer an overnight service. I also do not offer 15-minute "quickies", as it's not worth my time and effort.



do you take bank transfers or paypal?


No and no. There have been a few callers asking me recently if I take online payments via PayPal or deposits into my bank account. For reasons of security and discretion, I only take cash.



where are you based, cataleen?


I am based in the Shawlands area of the southside of Glasgow on a quiet, discreet street with free parking. Please see the MAP page for a GoogleMap of my location. For those of you who don't know the southside well, I'm not too far from Hampden Park. Please note that parking on my street can sometimes be trickier after 6pm.



do you meet couples, cataleen?


No, sorry, I only meet guys. I've actually never had sex with a girl, and doubt that I ever will now! Neither will I meet more than one guy at a time.



do you offer a tv dressing service?

I'm happy for you to borrow some of my clothes and to help make you up if that's what you're looking for. I recommend at least an hour-long appointment in order to give us enough time to get ready and relax. I'm also happy to take photos of you for your own private use. I recommend at least a 2-hour appointment for a makeover and photoshoot.



do you smoke, cataleen?

I managed to stop smoking in 2016, using a vape machine, so if you're looking for a "smoking service", then I'm afraid I can't offer one. I don't even vape now either! If you're a smoker, please ask me for an ashtray – I'm not holier than thou, and remember how annoying it is not to be able to smoke when you really need one. I've got an air filtration unit in my bedroom, so don't feel bad about leaving lingering smoke odour.


do you do outcalls, cataleen?


As I don't drive, I'm only available for incalls in my flat in Shawlands. Neither do I tour the UK.



are you fully functional?

Yes, I am fully versatile (both active and passive). I'm not taking hormones, so providing a fully active service is no problem for me.



do you meet first-timers?

The vast majority of the guys I meet are newbies with transgirls, so I'm skilled at helping nervous guys to relax. I am always flattered if a guy chooses me for their first-time experience. Unfortunately, first-timers are also highly likely to be no-shows. I appreciate that there is often a fear of the unknown, and that jitters can get the better of people, but If someone arranges to meet me and doesn't turn up without having the courtesy to cancel, then I'm left with no choice but to block their number, so that they don't become a "repeat offender".



can i sms or whatsapp you?

Sorry no. My 0141 number doesn't accept text messages and cannot be added to WhatsApp messenger. Voice SMS is also disabled on my number. I don't use mobiles for reasons of discretion, as they're not the most secure means of communication these days.



can i email you to book you?

I'm afraid not. Calling my 0141 number is now the only way to arrange your time with me. Being a busy little bee, I'm not often glued to my computer screen, so calling me is the quickest and easiest way to arrange our time together. I need to hear someone's voice before I consider inviting them up to my flat.



can i withold my number?


No. My 0141 number automatically blocks calls from withheld numbers. I appreciate your need for discretion, but my personal security is more important to me. A lot of disingenuous and problematic clients want to hide their number, and I have to avoid them. I hope you understand.



have you been vaccinated?


I am up to date with all current vaccinations, being fully vaccinated for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, HPV, seasonal flu and Covid-19.



do you have naughty photos?


I have naughty photos and videos that you can view for a few credits on my AdultWork profile:




when are you available?


I am almost always free daily from midday till 6pm. I am happy to meet later than 6pm if you give me enough notice. My 0141 number automatically goes on silent at 8pm and comes back on at 10am the next morning; so, if you call me between these times, I won't hear your call. See the graph below for a rough outline as to my hours of availability:


Hours of availability of Cataleen.