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Cataleen's Availability Cataleen Glasgow

(by Cataleen Glasgow)



Cataleen's normal hours of availability:


I prefer to meet between midday and 6pm, though I can often work earlier and later than these hours if you give me enough notice. I am less likely to be free on Sundays. My phone lines automatically go on silent at 11pm and come back on again at 10am the next morning; so if you call me between these hours, I won't hear your call. See the table below for a rough guide as to my hours of availability, but please call me to ask if you're ever unsure. Cataleen x


Hours of availability of Cataleen.



Daily covid tests Cataleen Glasgow

(by Cataleen Glasgow)



Even though the latest wave of Omicron has passed its peak, I will continue to report Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs), every morning, until at least the end of September.


If I test positive, I will self-isolate until I test negative on two consecutive mornings.



Cataleen carries out daily lateral flow tests, as part of her policy.




(by Cataleen Glasgow)

(Sat 13th Aug 2022)


Because I was deemed at higher risk than normal of potentially getting monkeypox, I was given my first (of two) smallpox vaccines today. [Smallpox is a cousin of monkeypox, and so the vaccine works well against both viruses.]


This is a preventative measure, and means that I'm now much less likely to get severe monkeypox, should I ever come into contact with it.


This obviously protects me and also vicariously those with whom I come into contact.



passed FULL MOT Cataleen Glasgow

(by Cataleen Glasgow)

(Sat 9th Jul 2022)


I passed full sexual health screen on 9th July, for tests taken on the 7th, including a fourth-generation HIV test.


I will continue, as ever, to get regular check-ups, around every 3 months.


Please remember, though, that I can only be held responsible for my own sexual health: the only way to guarantee your own is to get regular check-ups yourself!


Cataleen passed her latest full sex health test.



Up to date with all jabs Cataleen Glasgow

(by Cataleen Glasgow)

(Nov 2021)


I am fully up to date with all available vaccines: HPV, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, influenza and Covid-19 (2x AstraZeneca + Moderna).


Cataleen is up to date with all available vaccines.



Escort review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Zabel from Glasgow)


Amazing experience! Cataleen is scintillating.


Escort review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Kevin from Liverpool)


About the Venue Score: 10/10


Met at Cataleen's spotlessly clean and welcoming apartment in a good area just to the south of Glasgow city centre. I felt very safe and comfortable. I went by taxi for sake of ease and took the train back, but there was plenty of on street parking. I was offered refreshments before and after. The apartment is in a block, and I was buzzed in discreetly.

About Cataleen:


Physical Score: 10/10

Cataleen is tall and slim, very feminine, legs looked wondrous in stockings and heels – and a nice surprise under the little black dress.


Personality Score: 10/10

Cataleen is very chatty and friendly; I could have talked to her all day.


Services Score: 10/10

A Full Girlfriend Experience is what I wanted and what I got.

About the Meeting Score: 10/10


I had contacted Cataleen the day before by phone and we agreed that I would confirm attendance the next morning, which I did. I took a taxi out for simplicity's sake, but there was a train station near her apartment, which I used to get back to the city. After sorting out the paperwork and an introductory chat, we were straight into action, much sensual kissing and oral led to us both enjoying ourselves. Afterwards, we had a long chat about life, the universe and Lanarkshire! If I had felt able to go for round 2, I am sure we would have, but I was more than happy with our meeting as it was. I felt welcomed and at ease and would like to return very soon. If I could give Cataleen 100/10 I would!


Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Joe from Glasgow)


About the venue: 10/10


Clear directions given by Cataleen, and she was extremely friendly on initial meet. Cataleen's flat was very clean and tidy.

About Cataleen

Physical: 10/10

Cataleen was dressed very seductively in lovely lingerie; I’m a sucker for stockings. Cataleen's pictures do not do her justice.

Personality: 10/10

Cataleen sets you an ease from the first hello; extremely friendly and never an awkward moment; no complaints whatsoever.

Escort services: 10/10

Excellent experience. I highly recommend a visit to Cataleen.

About the meeting: 10/10

Had a smashing time with Cataleen; I think we both did. Without going into explicit details, I was delighted with our meet and will definitely be going back again soon. Cataleen offered shower facilities and also offered beverages. At no time during our meet did I feel rushed. Cataleen offers a very relaxed and comfortable environment in which to ensure an enjoyable experience. Totally turned on by her sexy voice, and Cataleen certainly knows how to please you. I can honestly say I was still excited thinking about our time on my way back to my office! Thanks again Cataleen, and see you soon.


Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Andy from Glasgow)


I was with Cataleen the other night and what can I say but she is truly awesome. She made me feel so relaxed. I was very nervous, but she put me at ease immediately. She massaged me before stripping me, and then the real fun began... Wearing one of her sexy outfits, she had a magic touch, which got me going instantly! Mmm... it was so good! We played with each other for a while, and then Cataleen pulled out her whip – loved that, babe! Simply amazing! I will be going back for more soon. If you want to experience a TV/CD, Cataleen is the girl to go to! Top marks, babe: 10/10.



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Stuart from Edinburgh)


Thanks so much, Cataleen! My Miss Scotland. You're amazing – not to mention the boots!



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Steve from Birmingham)


Cataleen lives in a nice, spacious flat in a bijou enclave.  She's educated and intelligent (they don't always coincide, but in her case they do).  The conversation flows easily.  She's feminine with the proverbial nice surprise. She gives a nice massage to get things going. Her skin is smooth and soft; her sense of humour slightly sardonic.  Highly recommended.



09 number fixed Cataleen Glasgow

(by Cataleen Glasgow)

(Fri 26th Mar 2021)


I'm happy to be able to report that my new live 09 premium rate number is now recognised by the o2 network.


The new number is listed below and on the SHEMALE PHONE SEX page.


Apologies if your mobile is on the o2 network and you were trying unsuccessfully to come through to me on the old number: it would've said that the old number was "unrecognised".


Please remember that if calling an 09 number doesn't suit you, I am still available for live chat on my MY ADULTWORK PROFILE.


Cataleen's Live Shemale Phone Sex Premium Rate Number



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Mark from Glasgow)


I visited Cataleen just before Christmas, which was my fourth visit, and this visit was as sexy as always. I was excited within two minutes of walking through the door. Cataleen looked spectacularly sexy in sheer lace panties, and it wasn't long before she was right next to me. It was amazing. She is a truly wonderful girl, always immaculate and very, very feminine. I can't praise her skills enough and can't wait to visit again for a repeat performance.


Mistress Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Mike from Glasgow)


Cataleen is as beautiful as she is skilled and perceptive. Upon arrival, my stomach was doing cartwheels, and I am pretty sure my heart was beating faster than light can move. Meeting the beautiful Mistress Cataleen made it skip a beat. She knew me for what I was: a T-Girl virgin and nervous as hell, but she was quick to calm me and rein in my nerves. Warm and affectionate but with a wicked twist when dealing with a sissy sub like myself. I will truly never forget her beautiful eyes as she looked into my soul and fulfilled my fantasies... and more!!! I hope to visit again soon. Brush aside your fears and trepidation. If you do, it's nothing but reward on the other side.



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Glen from Melbourne)


The reviews on Cataleen's website were all so positive but still did not prepare me for such a warm and friendly greeting. I was immediately put at ease, and this was followed by a blissful two hours with Cataleen. I enjoyed the experience so much that I returned again before leaving Glasgow. Cataleen sounds gorgeous, looks gorgeous and is gorgeous!



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by 'Castle' from Inverness)


We met at Cataleen's home: lovely place, especially the bedroom; very easy to find and given I had driven 250 miles to get there, I went straight to her address. Parking in the area is no problem and felt very safe. Cataleen was dressed in stockings, very nice panties and also a lovely top. She was really a mirror image of her photographs. Cataleen was extremely friendly, very talkative (loquacious... lol), the conversation was wonderful and, dare I say, what one would expect from someone who is well educated. I availed myself of several of the services offered by Cataleen and have no doubt that if I wanted to try some more that they would have been available. On arrival at Cataleen's, I had a shower and could also have had so at the end, but I wanted to smell her perfume on me as I drove home. I had a wonderful time with a wonderful girl, and when it came to an end, I was totally satisfied. I am too much of a gentleman to completely describe what went on between us and I am sure that as a lady, that is what Cataleen would expect. Suffice to say, I was very satisfied with our meet. I sincerely hope that Cataleen enjoyed our time together as much as I did, and the only person keeping an eye on the clock was me, as she went out of her way to accommodate me, so I was not going to inconvenience her. All in all, a lovely, lovely girl and a lovely, lovely time. Three hours well spent and in great conversation.


Mistress Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Matt from Glasgow)


Mistress Cataleen was simply superb – I cannot recommend highly enough! I arrived feeling slightly trepidatious, but she rapidly put me at complete ease. I had an afternoon which I will never forget; what an absolutely brilliant experience, with a stunning fun lady. In a nutshell, if you are even looking at her website considering should you get in touch or not, the answer is a definite YES!



TV Dressing Service Cataleen Glasgow

(by Sarah from Glasgow)


I had a fabulous time with Cataleen. Though initially nervous, Cataleen quickly put me at ease. Cataleen didn't rush my experience, and I felt I had all the time in the world for my transformation. She showed me exactly what to wear and do, and I felt, at all times, I was in good hands. Putting on women's clothes for the first time for me was electric: I loved every minute of the wonderful experience that I had at the hands of my new friend.  I never felt for a second rushed in anyway, and Cataleen only wanted to be sure that I was both comfortable and happy. I would recommend without a shadow of a doubt my experience to anyone.



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by John from Skye)


I didn't quite know what to expect, but Cataleen was very easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed very quickly before giving me one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life!!! Very professional and would recommend to anyone. Definitely an experience I'm glad to have had!


Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Thom from New Jersey)


About the venue: 9/10

I met Cataleen in her flat in the Shawlands area of Glasgow. It is very easy to get to, being about a 10-minute train journey from Glasgow Central and a further 3-minute walk from Pollokshaws East station. The area is quiet and clean, and I felt very comfortable. Cataleen's flat is in a Victorian-era building and access is not a problem. Her flat is spacious and comfortable, and Cataleen immediately made me feel welcome by offering me a selection of beverages on arrival and the chance to have a shower...

About Cataleen

Physical: 9/10

Cataleen is a pretty, slender blonde whose photos accurately reflect her appearance. She was dressed to provide a nice, teasing appearance, providing a good idea of her charms, but not revealing any secrets! As the afternoon wore on, however, all of the good bits were gradually revealed.

Personality: 10/10

Cataleen is a very friendly, outgoing girl, and it makes it very easy to talk to her. Within minutes I felt like an old friend.

Services: 9/10

As I am on the higher side of 50, needless to say, I did not try to avail myself of everything Cataleen has on her list; however, of the services that I requested, all were provided willingly and with a smile. I have no doubt that she will happily provide anything on her "do" list.

About the meeting: 10/10

Being something of an "old school" personality, I am not comfortable revealing details of what Cataleen and I got up to during our afternoon; however, I had a few wonderful hours with her, and especially nice was the fact that I never felt rushed, or that she wanted me to go.

Having never visited Cataleen before, we spent the first 1/2 hour or so just talking and getting to know each other a bit. Needless to say, in addition to talk there was a certain amount of mutual touching and stroking also going on. I then availed myself of the shower, and after we had an extremely pleasant interlude in her bedroom where I think we were both satisfied with the results!

I visit the UK (from the US) on holiday nearly every year. This is the first time that I have visited an escort in Scotland and, to put it simply, can't wait to return to see Cataleen next year. She is certainly worth a visit!


Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Gary from Clydebank)


I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Mistress Cataleen this afternoon. The pictures do not do her justice and she looks absolutely stunning in her sexy PVC catsuit and thigh high boots. She soon had me right where I wanted to be: dominated and taken control of. Not only a fantastic looker but she also has a wonderfully dirty, filthy mind that I thoroughly enjoyed. I had an absolutely great time – I only wish I had taken the plunge sooner! Thanks Mistress!



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Gary from Edinburgh)


I really enjoyed yesterday. Very convincing and very good.


Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Scott from Glasgow)


Cataleen is a fantastic, convincing TV. I was a bag of nerves the first time I met her, but she soon made me feel so relaxed and showed me the most amazing time. I can't wait to come back for more. Thanks again Cataleen!



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Gary from Edinburgh)


Just back from a fantastic time with Cataleen. Looks even better than in her pics! Won't go into details, but a lovely time was had, and a nice long chat after – certainly no clock-watcher!I will be back!



Mistress Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by John from Liverpool)


Cataleen's a stunning, beautiful Mistress in her catsuit and boots – a very wicked Mistress, who knows exactly how to treat her slaves. Highly recommended.


TV Dressing Service Cataleen Glasgow

(by Mark from London)


Best experience of my life! As a straight guy, I was nervous (just like most of you would be) but I'd say the experience was more like a friendship than anything else: I wanted to dress up, and Cataleen was like my best friend showing me what I could wear and what make-up suited me best. It's something I have never done before, but the fact that Cataleen is so genuine made the whole thing feel better than I ever imagined. As far as clockwatching goes, with Cataleen there is no such thing. I would recommend that if anyone wants to try this, don't mess about wasting your time; just speak to Cataleen, and it will all fall into place more than you could ever dream.


Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by 'Horny' from Inverness)


Cataleen is the best! As a first-timer, I was extremely nervous... but Cataleen, within minutes, put me at ease... and then the fun really started! She was stunning in her catsuit and boots, dressed me in her lovely spare pair of boots and had her wicked way with me... Great fun from a 100% genuine, no-rush escort. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by 'Sindy Slut' from Glasgow)


I visited Cataleen last week and, as this was my first time for this sort of experience, I was very nervous. We chatted for a short while. Cataleen is very friendly and good company. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I had a very enjoyable time with her and thoroughly recommend her.


Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Wendy from Glasgow)


What can I say?! I had the best time with this T-Girl: nice person, fit body and pushed my limits. Thanks! Book a time with her – she is brill!



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Mistress Alexandra from Yorkshire)


This is a very special girl: friendly, fun, quick-witted and very XXXy with it!



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Doug from Glasgow)


I had a lovely, relaxed, sensual afternoon with Cataleen in her very pleasant, discreet south side flat. She dressed very much as I had requested, in order to accommodate my numerous kinks, and we enjoyed each other hugely before finishing with a massage for her.  She's well worth a visit if you're open-minded and up for sensual fun.



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Billy from Edinburgh)


This was my first time seeking out this type of experience, so I was really nervous about the whole thing; however, Cataleen was excellent at calming me down and talking through my wishes. I have come away with some fantastic memories. A classy, intelligent lady, who is well worth seeking out!



Mistress Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by 'FloppyBowBoy' from Glasgow)


Visited Mistress Cataleen and it was amazing. Straight away she put me at ease and made my fantasy come true. I am so looking forward to my next visit.



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Stu from Glasgow)


Visited the sublime Mistress Cataleen for the first time yesterday. From the moment my eyes caught sight of her lying on the bed in her PVC catsuit and pink thigh-length boots until the moment I left, I was in heaven. She is beautiful, strict and knows exactly what she wants – the perfect mistress. I will definitely return soon if she'll have me.


Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Alan from Glasgow)


I met with Cataleen at her flat on the south side of Glasgow and was greeted very casually, putting me at complete ease. We had a very stimulating conversation followed by some very enjoyable fun. Cataleen is great company, easy going and to talk to and very eager to please. Cums with my full recommendation!


Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Mark from Glasgow)


I visited Cataleen a couple of weeks ago. She was friendly and very sexy. Loved the boots and the red latex dress. I had a very relaxing hour and enjoyed my visit immensely. Would highly recommend to anyone, as I can't praise Cataleen highly enough. Really looking forward to my next visit, which will be soon.



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by G. from Glasgow)


Lovely person, amazing time – still smiling! Thanks again, G.



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Thomas from Glasgow)


I have just spent a wonderful hour with the beautiful Cataleen. She puts you at ease right away and has a body to die for. She is every inch a woman! Can't wait to see her again!



General Comments Cataleen Glasgow

(by Garry in Australia)


I'm travelling alone down under (no pun intended!). In the evenings I lie on my bed and think about all of the things we've done and I crave more (I know I'm pathetic!). I do love our times together and look forward to being taken further in our adventure. But for the moment I'm warm, lonely and wish I'd some sexy, sexy company – and they don't cum sexier than you!



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Jim from Paisley)


A lovely, stunning girl. If you get the chance, don't pass it up!



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Jason from Glasgow)


To the sexiest trans escort in Glasgow: Thanks for the three wonderful times I have had with you. You are such a sexy girl that I will be back for more. You are the most fantastic and glamorous TV I have ever been with, and so nice, friendly and easy to talk to.



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Jim from Hamilton)


I met Cataleen for the first time a few months ago, and I'm only now calming down from a long-lasting, wonderful experience! What memories! She is kind and gentle if that's what you want, but I gather she will give you almost anything you ask for. Will be arranging a visit as soon as possible again and am excited (in a guy's way) already just thinking about it. Kisses to a lovely lass.



General comments Cataleen Glasgow

(by Matt from Brisbane)


Hey hottie! It's always so good to chat with you. Just wish I was closer so we could actually meet up for once!!!



General comments Cataleen Glasgow

(by Craig from Northern Ireland)


Cataleen is so amazing, totally cool to chat with online and looks amazing in her PVC. Makes me wanna come over and over again... Love you Cataleen!



Escort Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Stuart from Livingston)


As a first-timer, I was very nervous, but Cataleen took away all my nerves and worries. Very friendly and sensual girl. Had a wonderful time with her. Great girl!



General comments Cataleen Glasgow

(by Chris from Glasgow)


Cataleen is an amazing person to talk to. She's so sexy and knows how to make a man happy. I'll see you soon, baby, and we can make our kinky little vid!



3rd mistress Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Garry from Glasgow)


As I stood naked, hands clasped, head bowed, standing in front of Mistress, she examined me with her riding crop. I believed that dreams could come true. Ordered to turn around, I did so with some trepidation. The crop struck. It smarted, but I smiled as the sting flowed through my body. I thought, "I must repay Mistress," which I duly did. If Mistress will "have me again", I'll be back!



4th mistress Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Garry from Glasgow)


Mistress Cataleen looked stunning in her new "Correctional Officer" uniform. She demanded the removal of all my clothing, and had me get on all fours. I saw her toys on the bedside cabinet, and soon I felt them open up a new world in me! My true role had been found. Cataleen is the best, can play any role and make all your fantasies come true.
Once again, thanks for a great time!



5th mistress Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Garry from Glasgow)


Shut your eyes and imagine sexy Cataleen in her school uniform. Imagine kissing and then using your mouths to turn each other on properly. Imagine Cataleen breaking away, walking behind you and then stepping up hard behind you! You can feel that beautiful hardness against you, and then she bends you over and gives you what you want, need and have been begging for. Open your eyes you weren't dreaming!!! Thanks, Cataleen! Hope to see you again soon.



6th mistress Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Garry from Glasgow)


I visited my Mistress again. I am hers in mind and body. I felt her anger, her crop on my sissy ass; I have felt her penetrate me in every way, taking me as she wishes; I have knelt before her and licked her boots, my chest burning with hot wax as she laughs at my discomfort. She is the ultimate sexual dominant being. I am her slave and will be back for more.



7th mistress Review Cataleen Glasgow

(by Garry from Glasgow)


Revisited Cataleen, my Mistress. She is sultry, seductive, alluring and, most important of all, in charge of me – body and soul. Another fantastic time with the best TV Mistress in Glasgow. She knows exactly what I need and gives it to me. She is fulfilling all my fantasies. She knows what is coming next. Can't wait! All my love.